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The Studio – where imagination meets innovation.

We are thrilled to introduce our top-notch studio services. Let’s transform creative visions into captivating reality.

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The all-inclusive Studio features.

Discover the perfect canvas for your creative vision with our private TV-standard studio in the heart of Helsinki.

4 unique shooting locations for versatile setups

Green screen technology and captivating animations

Robotic cameras for stunnin close-ups and widescreen shots

High-level broadcast pack to elevate your brand

Event and speaker trailer videos that capture the essence

Streaming technology and expert editing for real-time engagement

The most advanced white-label digital platform

Access to a network of professional TV-host

Main stage.

The Main Stage is great for panels, fire-side chats and laid-back discussions. Bring in the leading experts for interviews and make your message come to life. The stage seats up to 5 persons live.

Nothing – and everything has changed. Content is still the king. Quality gets the right Decision Makers to join. Topic & relevance keeps them inspired when the design makes you stand out. The unforgettable experience makes them come back for more.

Naava green room.

Naava Green Room is the best place for quality presenting or hybrid panel discussions. Collect your speakers globally – and have them all join live from the studio or from home.

Naava Green Room fits up to 5 people at the same time. Present or interact – up to you.

Prompters, mics and clickers – all you need for presenting is provided.

Corner stage.

Corner Stage is perfect for commentators or hosting interviews. The space can even be modified to fit a live audience of 20 people.

Bring in your top 20 exclusive guests to follow the live show and take them out to lunch or dinner after.

The coffee shop.

Bring in your favorite DJ or arrange a pitching competition – the coffee shop is the perfect shooting location for short and more casual content.

Maintaining the great atmosphere is even more crucial in virtual settings – live music ​is a great option for this.

References: Honored to co-create with our customers.

We plan, create, and deliver events and content to meet and exceed your wishes from the smallest details to the biggest dreams.

Basware Kickoff

Turning a wordlwide kickoff into a virtual event.

AI & Business Strategies

From local to global – digitalizing a nordic AI event.

Nordic Leaders Circle

A CFO round table series – panel 75 minutes.

Chief of Finance

Suomen suurin CFO kohtaaminen.

Talous & Työelämä

Tukea päätöksentekoon 700 johtajalle.

Let’s talk and co-create memorable events.

Our team consists of leaders in creative and visual planning, event and content production, project management, marketing knowhow and business insight. With a wide range of experience and talent, we all have one thing in common – we are passionate about creating amazing events and influential content.

Let our team be yours – we are happy to help.


Marjut Pirilä

Head of Sales
+358 40 585 2868


Nina Pulliainen

Key Account Director, Tailored Events
+358 50 548 2477