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Janne Blomqvist

Director, Accounting Services, Azets

Janne has over 20 years of experience of management and management consultancy. Although Janne takes a keen interest in automation like AI and machine learning he puts people first. “As machines take care of boring routines, people have more time for thinking. One of the most important issues we need to focus on is ESG. Both when providing business advice for our customers and listening to our employees, there is no doubt we need to be strongly involved. This is also one way we make sure our people can use their full potential, which is a prerequisite for any prospering business.”, says Janne. Janne is in responsible for Azets Finland’s accounting services. Azets group employs over 6 500 experts and serves over 120 000 customers globally.


Tulevat koulutukset, vetäjänä Janne Blomqvist