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François Ventura

Dr, MD, MBA Senior Consultant Division of Anesthesiology University Hospitals of Geneva

Dr François Ventura is Anesthesiologist, Intensive Care Physician, and Emergency
Medical Doctor. He has been working at the University Hospitals of Geneva,
Switzerland, since 1999 and has held successive positions as assistant physician,
resident, associate physician, and consultant physician in the Department of
Anesthesiology and in the Adult Intensive Care Unit. He has also gained extensive
clinical experience working independently in private clinics. During the first Covid wave
in March 2020, he studied the daily dosage of the Pancreatic Stone Protein PSP to
detect sepsis in critically ill Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the adult intensive care
unit of the University Hospital of Geneva. Since then, he has published articles on
biomarkers of sepsis and PSP, and has presented numerous lectures on this topic in
many countries and at the World Sepsis Congress 2023. Dr Ventura collaborates also
part-time with a Swiss MedTech company specialized in nanofluidic biomarkers

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