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Christina Horne

B.Phil in Autism, PECS Consultant

Christina began her career working with children as a teaching assistant in a primary special educational environment, working closely with students with a variety of complex needs. Within this role she gained extensive experience working with students with autism, emotional behavioural difficulties and moderate & profound learning disabilities.

She was given the opportunity to train in the implementation of the TEACCH program and help developed classrooms to support this approach.  During this time she gained a strong passion and interest for the complex needs of these students. Alongside her full-time job she went onto study for a B.Phil in Autism (Children) at Birmingham University. Upon her success, she was given the opportunity to work as an unqualified teacher and quickly established herself within the school as a learning method specialist, with a particular focus on children on the autism spectrum; she has had extensive experience supporting staff to create classroom environments suited to meet the needs of children on the autism spectrum.

Christina went on to fulfil her post for a number of years, teaching in classrooms specifically designed for students with diagnoses of autism or related conditions such as pathological demand avoidance. Throughout her time Christina worked continuously with PECS and successfully implemented it as a vital part of her teaching, while sharing resources with colleagues and parents to promote its consistency outside of the classroom. After developing a keen interest in the PECS strategy and company values, she joined as a PECS Consultant in July 2018, where she now is able to share her knowledge and experience to help other like-minded individuals.

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